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Cea Compact 410 Mig Welder
Brand: Cea
Product Code: PK007230
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The CEA Compact 410 is a professional mig welder with an integral 2-roll wire feeder. This mig set with it’s innovative and user friendly design produces a smooth stable arc in any welding position with minimal spatter. 

The mig welder is suitable for fabrication work, car body repair, agriculture and maintenance work. The Compact 410 is an economical, durable and reliable choice that offers the versatility of being able to weld mild steel, stainless and aluminium.

The CEA machine has a wide current range of 60 to 400 amps, 20 adjustable voltage settings,  a spot weld timer and impressive duty cycles at 35%, 60% and 100%.

The power source has a robust chassis with heavy-duty running gear and a sloping front panel that allows the welder to easily view and control the weld settings. The machine has IP 23S protection and is equipped with high-grade components that are synonymous with the CEA brand.

The integral wire feeder uses a high quality motor that allows the wire speed to be infinitely controlled by making a simple adjustment on the front panel. The Compact also offers the flexibility of being able to weld five different mig wire sizes ranging from 0.6mm to 1.6mm.

PACKAGE INCLUDES: Cea Compact 410 Power Source, Gas Hose & Earth Return Lead