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Tecna 2 KVA Spot Welding Gun (110V)
Brand: Tecna
Product Code: 7900/110
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The Tecna 2 KVA spot welding gun is a single phase semi-automatic handheld spot welder suitable for up to 2mm + 2mm applications. The 110V portable spot welder has a heavy duty transformer and provides 2 Kva @ 50%.

  • Light high performance Spot Gun for car body repairs
  • Synchronous built-in electronic timer with SCR from 2 to 65 cycles
  • Compensation circuit starts the timer only when there is a proper passage of current, which enables to perform on oxidised sheets, on surfaces with paint residues or on black sheets.
  • Additional arm couplings to provide larger opening between arms
  • Gun has adjustable calibrated force
  • Handle is designed to produce high pressure on electrodes with minimum force
  • Transformer coated with F class insulation material that does not dry out and become brittle. Test are made using 4000 volts.
  • Single phase operation 
  • Supplied complete with 125 mm arms
  • Extensive range of optional arms & electrodes available